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About Us

Optima UAE are world leaders in the field of Acoustics, BMS, Electromechanical Contracting, Maintenance, Manufacturings and supply solutions. Since starting the industry, we continue to pioneer in industries as diverse as Residential / commercial construction, energy, industrial engineering, healthcare, administration and media. Many years of collaborative, pioneering history means we now have fully developed offices and manufacturing facilities for delivering to a global customer base.


Our core business is to provide total MEP solutions and supply products for the entire Middle East and Gulf area originating from Dubai as a main hub for our business. With our Talented and experienced team within our divisions we reliably deliver turnkey systems and solutions, in pursuit of our vision to become the most respected building services provider in the region. By listening to the individual needs of the customer, we offer tailor made solutions. Our groups of companies are:-

  •    Acoustic Division: Acoustic and Vibration solutions & consultancy services. Handled by Green Optima Airconditioning LLC.
  •    BMS Division: Intelligent building systems. Handled by Green Optima Airconditioning LLC.
  • Products Division: Manufacture and supply of Manufacturing air movement & acoustic products. Handled by Optima International LLC.
  •    Electro Mechanical Contracting Division: Electro Mechanical installation services. Handled by Optima Electromechanical Company.
  • Maintenance Division: Maintain Contracting LLC. All types of MEP installations through Optima Electromechanical LLC and Green Optima LLC. 


Optima understand how important our environment is. A good environment is a factor in your quality of life, we only feel truly well with tranquility and fresh air. It is invigorating, inspiring, and gives us the energy to live and work. Our whole company and wide range of products are positioned around providing good quality energy efficient air, sound proofed, controlled energy and cooling systems and tranquil spaces, continuously trying to improving you environment.