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Optima's expertise within this division is Noise & Vibration Control of equipment in the HVAC Field. In addition to this we offer a variety of other services and solutions for wide ranging applications such as night clubs, auditoriums, lecture halls, cinemas & Environmental noise studies.

We offer consultancy services for all HVAC noise control applications as well as assisting in the design of the right systems to take care of any noise related problems in the  worked on during this time include Multi-storey Buildings, Villa’s, Shopping Malls, Disco’s, Auditoriums and Conference halls to name but a few. We do, of course, have a complete reference list which is freely available for your consideration

Typical Services offered by our Acoustics Division include:

  • Full turnkey projects For Acoustic Installations including night clubs, auditoriums and  cinemas
  • Acoustic Consultancy Services
  • Interior Installations of Acoustic Materials
  • Specific Noise Control Measures for Auditorium’s.
  • Site Testing & Level Recordings

We also offer solutions for industrial and other related noise control problems. Benefiting from our knowledge and experience our clients are able to understand the issues concerned with acoustics, this is a little known subject known only to a few. We, however have a strong belief that a knowledgeable client is an asset to the industry and awareness ensures good designs and their successful implementation.

Some of the areas of our expertise include:

  • Predicting noise and vibration from transportation sources on development sites
  • Prediction and measurement of noise emissions from industrial processes and environmental impact assessment
  • Long or short term monitoring of building sites to control noise emissions for nearby residents or to ensure compliance with local authority conditions
  • Noise assessments to ascertain compliance with Health and Safety            
  • Noise at Work Regulations
  • Industrial Noise & Vibration control

Optima is therefore able to undertake responsibility for all aspects of the acoustic design of buildings. If required, these services will include supervision of the installation of noise and vibration control equipment and testing on commissioning of the building. In the case of dwellings such testing would include the measurement and appraisal of sound insulation for the purposes of Building Regulations approval.


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