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Consultancy Services

Optima provides a practical approach to acoustic consulting support for a vast range of noise control and vibration control issues, resolving them through either prevention or cure.

Our values are realised in the high quality service we provide, delivered by well informed and approachable teams. Whether you are a company or a private individual, our team of acoustic consultants is here to advise and guide you.

Optima's consultants investigative resources include noise and vibration measurements, speech intelligibility measurement and prediction and atmospheric noise propagation modelling.

Our consultants have designed world-first, world-class facilities; our knowledge, skill and experience with sound insulation and vibration control techniques is available to individuals and teams alike.

Our consultants are at home on site. From mineral extraction noise through infrastructure acoustics, transportation noise to specialist soundproofing works, we have the experience that counts.
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Consultancy Services
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