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Architectural Acoustics

Optima International can advise on all aspects of the acoustic design of commercial, public, industrial and residential buildings, covering control of noise from mechanical services and other installed equipment; insulation of the building shell against the ingress of external noise and the egress of internal noise; sound insulation within the building and optimizing acoustic conditions within specific rooms or spaces. In the case of a large building development, for example, Optima International would carry out an environmental noise survey to establish the prevailing noise climate and anticipate relevant changes from traffic or other forecasts; set suitable noise criteria for the various spaces; specify attenuation requirements for the ventilation system; determine the sound insulation and vibration isolation needed for machinery spaces; specify sound insulation requirements for the building envelope; advise on room layout and partitioning to achieve the required levels of privacy, and deal with all details of the acoustic design of rooms.

Optima International is therefore able to undertake responsibility for all aspects of the acoustic design of buildings. If required, these services will include supervision of the installation of noise and vibration control equipment and testing on commissioning of the building. In the case of dwellings such testing would include the measurement and appraisal of sound insulation for the purposes of Building Regulations approval.

Using past experience and results from testing and calculations, Optima can provide solutions that address sound propagation, speech intelligibility and the enhancement of music, and provide options to mitigate noise within the built environment. We can review plans for new facilities in order to make recommendations on space planning, room shaping, finish selections, construction methods, etc. We perform tests within an existing facility to assess the acoustic environment and make recommendations as to how to mitigate concerns. Common issues addressed in architectural acoustics:

  • Room Acoustics.
  • Reflections.
  • Reverberation.
  • Absorption.
  • Noise Control.
  • Sound Transmission.
  • Background Noise Level.
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