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Industrial Noise Control

Optima International is frequently asked to advise on the control of noise both from and within factories and other industrial premises in order to ensure the minimum risk of damage to employees' hearing or annoyance to the local community. This might typically involve measurement surveys, remedial design and the management of the ensuing noise control programme in existing factories or expert assistance with the design of new factories in order to satisfy the relevant Statutory Instruments and Codes of Practice associated with The Health and Safety at Work Act, the Noise at Work Regulations and the Control of Pollution Act

The Noise at Work Regulations refer to three action levels, these being daily personal noise exposure 'first action level' of 85dB(A), the daily personal noise exposure 'second action level' of 90dB(A) and the 'peak action level' of 140dB. The Noise at Work Regulations state that when employees are likely to be exposed to the first action level or above then a noise assessment should be made to identify which employees are so exposed. Subsequent to this assessment consideration may need to be given to reducing noise exposure where reasonably practicable,providing hearing protection where applicable, and defining ear protection zones. For those employees exposed to the first action level or above it will be necessary for the employer to provide information, instruction and training on:-

The risk of damage to hearing, What can be done by the employees to minimise that risk, The steps that the employee must take to obtain personal ear protection, The employees obligations.

Optima International can carry out detailed noise surveys to identify the level of risk involved and to provide guidance and advice detailing the measures that should be taken by an employer to effectively protect the exposed workforce.

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