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Cinema Acoustics

The acoustical design of cinematic theatres entails the sound isolation of the theatres from exterior noise, and from adjacent theatres, acoustic design of the room, and evaluation of the HVAC design with respect to noise generation. Our services in this area include:

Computer modelling of rooms to determine all acoustic parameters including reverberation time, early decay times (EDT),and sound pressure level. This analysis can also be used to evaluate some acoustic anomalies within the room.

We provide detailed mechanical system design criteria early on in a project, so that the mechanical engineer can include these considerations early in the design. We then evaluate the system after it is designed to calculate noise levels within the theatre.

With modern digital sound systems, the evaluation of wall design between theatres is critical. The design of the wall itself is only one part of the entire process. Structure borne sound transmission through floors and sidewalls must also be evaluated. Exterior and interior wall designs are evaluated and CAD designs provided to the architect.

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