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BMS Installation

Buildings are subjected to changeable and at times extreme weather conditions.

Providing owners with the satisfactory data that enables them to control and monitor their building, whilst at the same time providing a suitable working environment for those within, becomes a difficult requirement to fulfill.

Building Management Systems monitor and control services such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, ensuring they operate at maximum levels of efficiency and economy. This is achieved by maintaining the optimum balance between conditions, energy usage and operating requirements.

Key components of a BMS are

Microcomputer controllers receive signals from field devices and according to their programmed operating parameters, take action to control plant equipment.

Supervisors view or amend the system data as well as providing a wide range of energy analysis and maintenance functions.

Networks allow devices to communicate across a physical distance either locally, across a wide area network, or remotely by using standard browser technology. This means information can be accessed from anywhere in the world, ensuring total building continuity.

Field Devices
Field devices send or receive data directly to controllers for either local or remote control & monitoring. If you don’t measure or monitor an area or item you can not control it.

Optima are able to provide BMS system for a either a single source or a best in breed system utilsing manufacturer best offerings

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