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TC Energy

Online, on budget

A new solution is set to change the corporate approach to enrgy managment. Devised and developed by Priva Building Intelligence, TC Energy offers web-based energy monitoring that is convenient, automated and affordable. This is not just blue-sky thinking but derived from market research. According to a survey conducted by Priva in its native Netherlands, a high percentage of potential users (28% in the public sector and 14% of industry) assume that energy monitoring equipment is too expensive, while a further third assumes it is too complicated and requires too much manpower.

Priva has a strong market position in BMS technology and more than a decade in the energy business, but we haven’t put the two together before now. However, TC Energy resolves the issue and the market now has a cost effective, accessible and user friendly energy solution that is fully integrated with the BMS. It’s possible to obtain a lot of additional data from BMS applications that is not supplied by a meter.

The good news for potential users is the price tag, or lack of one. TC Energy is installed and commissioned through Priva’s Approved Partner Optima which offers the software subscription without any capital or set-up charges at low annual costs. The on-going cost could easily form part of the BMS servicing costs, for example.

Energy management might not be new, but TC Energy offers a new method of delivery on an extremely affordable scale. If you have a Priva BMS and a Priva Compri HX Web Engine, TC Energy can be integrated with ease. There is only limited engineering required to start using the system and by configuration of the Priva BMS controllers it is possible to define and set up the entire TC Energy web site reporting on all the energy flows of the building or buildings. We have no doubt about the potential impact and we’re targeting this solution at all buildings and every project that we do.

Driving efficiency

Of course, it’s not Priva driving market demand for technology of this ilk, rather a combination of increasing environmental scrutiny on corporate CO2 emissions, along with the potential to make genuine savings on day-to-day running costs. This means energy management is fast becoming ‘must have’ technology rather than a straightforward nicety.

The beauty of delivering such a system via the web is the ability to transform raw energy data into graphically illustrated, easy-to-read information that can be accessed 24/7 via a secure website. Information available at a glance includes energy load profiles, rate calculations and a multitude of reports available in different formats.

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