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Room Managment Systems

Hotels, hospitals, student residences, assisted living facilities, apartments and many more – the Room Management Systems opens up new possibilities for properties in the residential and hotel sectors. The Room controller is developed for all rooms of this type. It covers all the electrical installation requirements for this application and offers the following functions in a compact unit:

  • Light switching
  • Heating/air-conditioning control
  • Shading (via blinds or curtains)
  • Switching of socket outlets and consumers
  • Access Control

In addition to these basic functions, further automation functions can be realised by combining the system with a presence detector. The communication of the devices via the KNX bus also enables central control functions and allows emergency signals to be sent from the rooms to a central control station.

Connection to a hotel management system enables the rooms to be managed and prepared efficiently. For instance, when a guest checks out, the room can automatically be set to stand-by operation.

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