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Wireless Control

No wires, no batteries, no limits – energy harvesting wireless technology and interoperable products provide you with a simple, proven and maintenance-free solution to meet your every building requirement. Optima offer wireless open solutions from our various product partners selecting best of breed products to suit any control application giving the following benefits.

Cost and Time Reduction

  • Eliminate expensive wiring plans, wire and conduit installation, electrician fees and other associated labor costs, during installations and retrofits

Improved temperature control and occupant comfort

  • Optimize sensor placement to get the best reading after commissioning or at any time throughout your building automation system's lifecycle

A True Green Building Solution

  • Energy harvesting allows use of available energy
  • Eliminate batteries
  • Reduce cable and wiring materials (copper, plastics etc.)
  • Preserve building envelope

Additional benefits for retrofits:

  • Preserve architecture and materials
  • Easy, low-cost relocation when room configurations or floor plans change
  • Save time and cost associated with re-running wires
  • Prevent unexpected surprises when opening walls
  • No disturbance to tenants caused by noise, dust etc.
  • Adhere to project deadlines and budget
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