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Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic Enclosures Overview

Optima acoustic enclosures are a modular design which utilize our acoustic panel system to provide a high level of noise reduction for both internal and external applications. Enclosures typically achieve acoustic performance between 20dB (A) and 40dB (A), with higher performance systems available. Enclosures are custom designed and manufactured to individual customer requirements. This flexibility of design allows a range of options to be incorporated during manufacture including personnel and machinery access doors, visual panels and acoustic louvers or attenuators for ventilation. Depending on size and configuration, Optima acoustic enclosures can be supplied as a complete assembly or as individual parts for assembly on site, Installation also can be provided by our specialized team of installation.



  • Compressors and Pumps—Constant Power Generator Sets.
  • Grinding, Pulverize, Chipper Processes.—Punch Presses.
  • Vacuum Pump and Positive Displacement Blowers Systems.
  • Outdoor Equipment.
  • Paint Booths. & In-Plant Offices.—Process Equipment.
  • Test Chambers.
  • Extrusion Processes & Flame Spray Booths.
  • Several protective fill encapsulation options available.


  • Acoustical Doors are equipped with heavy-duty hardware and seals to prevent noise leakage.
  • Windows are double or single glazed, 1/4" thick, laminated safety glass or wire reinforced including framing and sealing.
  • Removable Panels for constant or intermittent access to equipment can be incorporated in the enclosure design.
  • Ventilation Systems include intake and exhaust silencers as well as supply or exhaust fan system designs to meet the individual projects airflow requirements.
  • Design and Engineering assistance including layout as well as determining acoustical, structural and ventilation requirements are included.
  • AutoCAD submittal and piece-marked assembly drawings are also included with every project.


Optima Acoustic Enclosure