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Control Valves and Actuators

Optima offers Valves & Actuators with open/close, modulating or 3-point control for AC / DC 24 V and AC 110 V / 230 V nominal voltages. Special fire and smoke extraction dampers increase safety, while volumetric flow control systems provide individual room comfort. Costs are reduced and energy consumption cut, thanks to innovative valve solutions

Valves & Actuators

With a consistent focus on market needs and trailblazing new developments, Optima has been setting standards in HVAC actuator and valve technology . Customer demands are reacted to quickly and flexibly, and individual support is guaranteed. Every actuator is subjected to an individual and thorough inspection before delivery. We also offer a 5 year warranty on most our product range.

General Air Solutions

Motorization of dampers in ventilation and air conditioning systems:

  • Rotary actuators - 90º
  • Linear actuators
  • Full-rotation actuators - 360º
  • Quick running actuators
  • RobustLine actuators for extreme environmental conditions
  • Rotary actuators for outdoor applications.


Water Solutions

Motorized valves for controlling heating and cooling hydronic circuits:

  • 2-way, 3-way and 6-way characterized control valves
  • Mechanical and electronically controlled pressure-independent characterized control valves
  • Shut-off and change-over valves
  • Globe valves

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