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Air Distribution Products

Air Distribution Products

Grills and Diffusers

OPTIMA ventilation Grilles & Diffusers are outlet vent points on HVAC duct systems. Although they are occasionally used as return air vents, their main purpose is to introduce conditioned air into a space in such a way that even distribution and mixing is achieved with minimum noise.

Our Grilles & Diffusers are produced in a variety of standardized sizes and are generally square, rectangular or round. They typically feature sets of louvers or fins that direct air flow in a preset pattern. Larger, industrial diffusers may include adjustable louvers or dampers, which can be manually or automatically adjusted to control airflow volumes. Although they are often seen as no more than decorative grilles for inlet vents, they play an essential role in the efficacy of HVAC systems and should be correctly matched to any given application.

The conditioned air produced by HVAC systems requires correct introduction into any space for it to realize its full potential. Haphazard conditioned air inflow into a room can cause localized hot and cold spots and completely rob the area of much of the benefit of cooling and ventilation. Uncontrolled inflow of air can also be annoyingly noisy.

All our Range of Grilles & Diffusers reduce the velocity of the incoming airflow and direct it to ensure effective mixing and maximum benefit with minimum noise.

Among our range:
  • Grilles and Regiters.
  • Square and Rectangular Ceiling Diffuser.
  • Linear Bar grilles.
  • Round Ceiling Diffuser.
  • Door Grilles.
  • Linear Slot Diffuser.
  • Perforated Ceiling Diffuser.
  • Decorative Grilles.
  • Egg Crate Grilles.

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