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Air Control Products

Air Control Products

Volume Control Dampers (Manual / Motorized)

OPTIMA brand of VCD and balancing dampers are designed to provide accurate control of airflow with ventilation combined with low torque operation. Careful design coupled with updated manufacturing techniques enables us to offer a quality product at pricing levels which acknowledge today’s competitive environment. Manually operated dampers are supplied as standard with attached quadrant assembly and also designed to allow for optional motor operation without the need for additional components. Damper units for power operation may be ordered “bare shaft” or complete with motor to clients requirements. The damper is made up of Galvanized Iron coated steel sheets and Brass Bushes for corrosive atmospheres.

Motorized Fire and Smoke Dampers

Our Smoke & Fire Dampers (MSFD) are designed to stop the spread of fire through ducts or walls in central air conditioning systems. OPTIMA Fire/Smoke Damper provides an automatic means of localizing area of fire in ventilation system with building management systems as option.


Our model MSFD prevents the spread of fire through HVAC ducts and offer an effective fire barrier maintaining integrity in a fire situation up to two to four hours rating and this is combined with low leakage characteristics. OPTIMA MSFD is suitable for installation in ductwork, or walls or ceiling slabs. They are fully welded in construction and are rated 1.5 hour to 3 hour fire rating. Fire and Smoke dampers are operated with a spring return actuator of sufficient torque and thermoelectric temperature sensor with reset device having fire ratings of 72°C (165°F) or 100°C (190°F) suitable as per site requirements.

Pressure Relief Dampers/Non-Return Dampers

We manufacture Pressure relief dampers, Non-return dampers, Gravity dampers, Counter balancing dampers, Self-balancing or Back draft dampers. These dampers are of air / pressure, counter weight operated for opening or closing for intake or discharge or pressure relief vents in central HVAC applications. As the room pressure increases, the blades of the pressure relief damper lifts automatically up there by relieving the excess pressure in the room and as the pressure drops back to normal the blades get closed by gravity or counter weight or spring.

Fire Dampers

Our model of OFD 100 series Curtain Type Fire Dampers are manufactured in accordance with BS 476 - parts 8 & 20 and tested as per UL555 standard for Safety Fire Dampers for a performance rating of 1.5 hours to stop the spread of fire through ducts, Walls, Floors and ceilings. The product has robust design to be resilient to site handling and to meet the requirements of consultants, contractors, local and national authorities. It is supported by proper manufacturing techniques to produce a consistent quality product. OFD 100 series Curtain Type Fire Dampers are available in a variety of Single section or Multi section mounting configurations. Maximum single section size is 915mm x 915mm. In Multi-section each section operates independently. Larger sizes are supplied as multi-section configurations specific to client’s requirements. OPTIMA Fire damper is a fully welded GI steel frame with interlocking blades and UL classified Fusible Link with rating of 72 deg C (165 deg F). The Fire damper closes and latches by powerful coil band springs when the fuse link fuses at 72 deg C temperature in the event of fire/heat. For installation at site – Sleeve and angle installation, HEVAC frame installation and Cleat and drop rod methods are available.

Smoke Dampers

Our model of Smoke dampers are effective barriers to spread of smoke thru ducts and walls. They also used in smoke extraction and provide replacement fresh air. OPTIMA Smoke dampers have spring actuated motors of reputed brands and signal sensors for open – close automatically. Smoke dampers often provide signaling for indicator lights. Most commonly, a smoke detector (or two) inside of ducts will shut down fans and close dampers if smoke is detected. Area smoke detectors sometimes are wired to a central fire-alarm panel, while a panel contact or remote relay initiates closing. Smoke dampers do not need to be within a wall providing a smoke barrier; they merely need to be within 24 in. of the wall. As a result, the actuators may be axle-shaft mounted. However, most are jackshaft mounted with linkage to the damper blades.

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