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Variable Air Volume Controls

Variable Air Volume Controls

OPTIMA brand of Variable Air Volume (OVAV) dampers are used in central AC systems. OPTIMA make VAV boxes are designed and made to control the volume flow rate of the conditioned air in occupied zone in response to a duct static pressure or zone thermostat.

By Pass VAV

VAV By Pass Type is designed to regulate volume of conditioned air flow to a Zone. OPTIMA make VAV By Pass system consists of a GI steel sheet box construction supplied complete with controls like Belimo Actuator, Neptronic Thermostats and transformer. VAV box is connected to the supply air duct of a constant air volume source. The primary damper modulates in response to a zone thermostat demand, to vary the amount of conditioned air delivered to the occupied zone. Once the temperature is satisfied, the excess air is diverted through the secondary by pass damper into ceiling plenum or ducted return. Dampers are available to suit low/medium and high velocity applications.

Pressure Independent VAV

Our brand of Pressure Independent VAV terminal unit, is the zone-level flow control device. It is basically a quality, calibrated air damper with an automatic actuator. The VAV terminal unit is connected to either a local or a central control system. It provides excellent temperature control and central air-flow distribution with unlimited zoning. The added advantage of multi-zone systems is that - supplying centralized air distribution from unwanted zones to demand related zones.

VAV-PI is easy to be installed and can be used with packaged / ducted / Air handling units and can be conveniently maintained. It offers considerable advantages such as reduced system energy consumption cost, Reduced set up and installation cost. OPTIMA make Pressure Independent VAV terminal unit consist of a specially designed, multi point air-flow velocity sensor is located at the inlet of VAV, which senses the airflow pressure and conveys the same to controller. The inlet velocity pressure signals are amplified for increased sensitivity and control response. These multiple sensing points are coupled to an actuator with built-in pressure controller which provides a more accurate indication of delivering constant air volume under varying inlet flow and static pressure conditions, representing a pressure Independent operation of VAV. Each zone having modulating thermostat is connected to the VAV, and it delivers a variable air volume within the limits of Vmin to Vmax with response to room thermostat demand.

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