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HVAC Products

HVAC Products

Sand Trap Louvers

OPTIMA Sand Trap Louver is excellent as pre-filter for the protection of air conditioning plants in area exposed to extreme levels of industrial pollution. It has a high degree of separation capability of sand and large dust particles, even in case of high dust concentrations. The vertically arranged sections and holes for sand drainage ensure the sand trap louver is self-cleaning and maintenance-free.

Our Sand Trap Louvers are designed to separate large particles at low air velocities, thus avoiding excessive dust loading of conventional filters. It’s not intended as a substitute for conventional supply air filtration plant. For bigger sizes, several sections can be combined to provide any combinations of overall width and height. STL of larger sizes are with additional support reinforcement. To assemble at site, loose channel sections are supplied to cap the vertical joint. Sand Trap Louver is a self emptying system and is used at the fresh air inlet duct of the air handling unit at low to medium speeds.

Model STL has choice of either galvanized steel or aluminum construction and variety of Bird and Insect Screen. OPTIMA has options to supply STL with fresh air Inlet systems which incorporate Aluminium filters and Volume control dampers to suit client’s specifications.

Fresh Air Louvers

OPTIMA Extruded Aluminium or GI steel sheet Stationary Louvers are designed and manufactured to provide air intake and air exhaust openings in building exterior walls to protect against the direct ingress of rain. The blades are positioned in such a way to provide high free area to provide minimum resistance to airflow.

Fresh Air Louvers are available in all sizes from small 200mm square to 1200mm square. Larger sizes can be manufactured in several sections can be combined to provide any combinations of overall width and height. Application of stationary louver selecting velocity through free area that gives an acceptable pressure drop for intake and exhaust application.

Access Doors

In HVAC ductwork, Fire dampers need a periodic inspection and adjustment. Our Access doors are designed to provide access to Fire dampers, Volume control dampers and Filters etc. in Ventilation systems. Duct Access doors allow easy and convenient access while providing a secure, positive seal when closed.

The OAD 100 series models offer quality access doors with double skin construction in accordance to SMACNA requirements and quick simple installation. Access doors provide easy mounting and positive closure. All models are available in wide variety of sizes to suit any specific application.

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