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Acoustic and thermal insulation

Acoustic and thermal insulation

    OPFS a new generation, revolutionary new product, made of 100% polyester fiber. The material consists of fine, long, polyester fibers of various deniers thermally bonded without the use of any chemical additive in its production. Is widely recognized for its energy conserving and sound absorption / thermal insulation properties. Available in a sheet / slab form. The size of the sheet/slab is 1200x600mm, thickness 30, 40 or 50 mm. Other dimensions are available on request.



    It is versatile. It can be applied over or under false ceilings, under concrete roofs, between gypsum board layers.

    • Thermal and Sound Insulation.
    • Between walls, Sound absorbent surfaces & Soundproofing of wooden floors.
    • In baffles construction of sound attenuators.
    • In construction of sound barriers.
    • Acoustic wall panels.

    About Our Partner - SOFTEX

    SOFTEX Srl is a productive reality, placed in the Galatone industrial zone, that in a few years (it is operative since 1999) has succeeded in becoming very popular in the international market of polyester two-parts carded thermo bonded fibre working/manufacturing, intended for the production of articles used especially in the pudding and thermo-acoustic insulation market.



  • Polyester fiber Thermal and acoustic Insulation – Green Product.
  • Polyester fiber ISO Floor and Underlay.

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