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Room Acoustics for Interior Spaces

Room Acoustics for Interior Spaces

    Let Architectural designers dream and imagine of interior spaces for any unique designs and materials are concerned about aesthetics and acoustical quality, they definitely will seek for Optima Noise Control products.

    Using computer-generated layouts, Optima can manufacture and supply wall panels to a wide variety of shapes, ranging from rectangular panels to custom shapes with either square or chamfered edges.

    Optima' interior treatments consist of sound absorptive and reflective wall panels, baffles, banners, diffusers, acoustic wooden panels and acoustic ceiling tiles.

    Available in a variety of designer finishes, Optima' interior products may be found in:

    • Auditoriums.
    • Music rehearsal spaces.
    • Theatres.
    • Recording Studios.
    • Gymnasiums and Natatoriums.
    • Religious Sanctuaries.
    • Multipurpose rooms.
    • Conference Rooms.
    • Atriums.
    • IT and copy rooms.
    • Executive offices.

    Optima' interior products effectively combine acoustical performance with a wide variety of finish design options.

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