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Home Theater Acoustics

Home Theater Acoustics

    Home Theaters are the most complex room in our homes. By now you've seen beautiful pictures in magazines and on the Internet. You may have a concept for the room or at the very least know what you don't like. With so many trades involved in a typical theater space, it's hard to understand what accountabilities fall under each subcontractor. Acousticians, AV Integrators, Interior Designers, Architects, General Contractors, Electricians and Painters all play into the collaborative effort to fulfill your ultimate vision.

    That's what makes us so unique. Every element seen in our theater designs is designed and manufactured by our experienced team. We employ the state of art technology to help shape your vision. We shall take care of your room sound proofing as well as interior acoustic finishes.


    We have developed products and processes to accommodate the needs of new lifestyle trends and architectural styles to meet any budget.

    To assist acoustically shape cinemas and theatres in the design phase, we employ sophisticated acoustical modeling software to predict and analyze reverberation, reflection, vibration, and other cinema acoustics and theatre acoustical concerns. For cinemas and theatres already built, we use state-of-the-art acoustics measurement technology and predictive modeling to evaluate potential solutions to acoustical problems.

    Isolating the home theatre from unwanted, disruptive noise is just as vital. Experts are typically engaged to also prevent noise and vibration from adjacent spaces, mechanical systems, and the exterior environment from adversely affecting cinema acoustics and theatre acoustics.

    We offer services to performing arts centers, community theatres, commercial movie theatres, recital halls, amphitheatres, cinema complexes, and other performance and entertainment venues.

    Optima cinema and home theatre acoustics design include:

    • Acoustical design. 
    • Noise control.
    • Noise and vibration isolation.
    • Mechanical systems noise control and vibration isolation.
    • Audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems design through our specialized business partners.


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