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Acoustical Wood Systems

Acoustical Wood Systems

    Our wooden Sound absorptive panels are available in different types and perforation. It is designed to significantly improve the acoustic of a room. It can be used in different combinational formations and match the architectural and acoustical requirements of each room.


    Our wooden panels can be installed on room walls and ceiling such as:

    • Conference centers.
    • Lecture halls.
    • Studios.
    • Restaurants.
    • Music halls.
    • Theaters.

    Technical Characteristics:

    Our wooden panels are fabricated from MDF core panels. The panel surface can be timber veneer, melamine coated or painted in different colors. The standard panel sizes is 600 mm x 600 mm or 1200 mm x 600 mm but can be customized based on requirements of each application.

    We offer different kinds of perforation, grooving or any other panel constructions with verity of dimensions to suit the application as well as the required absorption.

  • Crown Wood. Planks.
  • Siuperfo.
  • Art Wood Line.
  • Wood Linears.
  • QR – Diffuser.
  • WPC Acoustics.
  • Grill Wood & Cube Wood.
  • Wooden Partition.
  • Wood Wool Panels.

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