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Building Automation Products

Are you the owner of a building or a facilities manager? Then you know exactly what it takes to ensure the efficient management of your building. Technology, ICT and building automation play a key role in all buildings, whether it's office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, conference halls, hotels or residential complexes. Building automation and ICT are crucial to achieving the right balance between all of the building's technical functionalities and for a high level of comfort for the building's users, and naturally with the lowest possible energy and maintenance costs.

From optimum internal climate to low total costs of ownership

Every building has different users, all of whom have their own requirements. For users, the most important factor is being able to work in a comfortable and healthy environment, or being able to live in accomodation suitable for people to go about their lives. The controls specialist can profit greatly from a flexible system which is easy to manage and maintain. Meanwhile, the manager is looking for a reliable system when it comes to permanent comfort and continuous maintenance, importantly, one that communicates with other building-connected systems using standard protocols. Ultimately, the building owner is looking to keep the costs of the building as low as possible throughout its service life.

Priva has many years of experience in this complex combination of disciplines. We do not develop technology for its own sake, but technology which supports quality of work and life. In other words, technology for people. A sustainable and healthy living and working environment, exactly what Priva stands for.

Fully integrated building management

Individual ease of use, flexible maintenance and all at a low cost, you can even save energy with the building management solution from Priva. Our solutions provide you with all of the options that you need to fully integrate climate, energy, lighting and sunblinds with sub-systems such as fire and security systems, but also booking systems and comfort controls in hotels and lifts and access control systems in offices.

And as you might expect, the building automation systems from Priva connect with the ICT in your building. The web-based applications and systems from Priva satisfy the most stringent safety requirements and guidelines. The benefits for the ICT department are clear:

  • Optimum availability of applications
  • Simultaneous access for multiple users
  • Local 'web-embedded' server or central server, located internally or externally
  • Minimal management using web-based applications

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