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Energy Management Products

Increasingly stringent legislation on energy and soaring energy prices mean that monitoring your energy is important. Conserving energy not only helps to bring down your costs, but is also better for the environment and therefore energy management is becoming increasingly important. Priva solutions for energy management allow you to keep your energy flows in balance. The data that you acquire from your systems provides you with valuable management information and the ability to determine your energy strategy.

Monitoring energy means conserving energy

Energy management does not mean consuming as little energy as possible across the board. Effective energy management is more about making energy consumption and the comfort it provides easier to understand. The Priva building management system helps you to gain a better understanding of the consumption and the performance of your building. This gives you an insight into where anomalies might be found, and the effects of the measures that you have taken. After all, if the energy performance of buildings can be measured, it will make the purchase of the right energy that little bit more straightforward. Therefore, energy monitoring is important when it comes to achieving energy savings in buildings, thanks to more targeted energy consumption and more efficient purchasing.

Integration with your building management system

By connecting our energy management system to your building management system you can obtain a better understanding of your energy consumption, both for the entire building, and on a per area and per system basis. The option of being able to control the comfort of an individual room means that the energy efficiency of your building is guaranteed! Priva solutions integrate seamlessly with other energy management systems such as Erbis, meteorological data and other ERP systems. Purchase the right energy

Priva solutions also allow you to connect your building management system to data from your energy supplier. By measuring your energy, you can obtain a greater understanding of the overall energy performance of your building, including any peaks. By using this energy performance to determine maximum energy consumption, you can reduce or switch off certain parts of the system using Priva Load Shedding to prevent yourself from receiving fines. This method also helps you to achieve even greater energy savings in your buildings.

Priva systems have a positive effect on the total cost of ownership of your building.

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